About Miriam Matthews

My name is Miriam Matthews. I am about my heavenly Father’s business! I am an Author, Transformational Coach, Therapist, and Motivational Speaker, that is invested in living in my Purpose and helping women find theirs! I’m married, and have 2 children!

This is Me.

My Name is Miriam Matthews, I am a passionate about God and my purpose. My passion was birthed after facing many challenges in my life, resulting in feeling quite lost. I wanted help, true love, and wanted to love and accept what I saw in the mirror. I also wanted authenticity and boldness! I grew up in church, but hadn’t developed my own personal relationship with God. As I began to do this, there was a MAJOR shift in my life. I began to hear from God, and walk in my purpose BOLDLY. This is a big deal, as I suffered from people pleasing behavior. I made fear the Author of my book called life. My relationship with God changed that. God wants to be your Author. God wants you to have that same freedom, and be FULFILLED! I help women improve their sense of self-worth and identify their purpose, by deepening their relationship with God. My program is unique, and includes fasting, prayer, mindset, goal-setting, and application. I was born for this calling, and am honored to be apart of something bigger than me. Are you ready for what God has in store for you?

What do I do?

Purpose driven life coach

Motivational Speaker



Past Experiences

Resourceful Blossoming and Counseling Services, LICSW, Owner

(Oct, 2020-Present)

I have worked with many, who have faced challenges related (anxiety and depression) stemming from a variety of challenges. I’ve worked with individuals facing family conflict/discord. I have worked with minority groups who face cultural/racial concerns and have also worked with individuals who have faced various forms of abuse. I have helped my clients reach their goals by using evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, resulting in increased self-esteem, increased self-compassion, and identity autonomy.

Director of Social Services, North Hill

(Sept 2016-Sept of 2020)

I helped foster safe and dignified transitions and resources, for the geriatric community, during very challenging times in their life. Sickness and Mental deterioration is not something anyone plans for. My services helped them increase a better quality of life, as I worked to advocate, understand, and provide a variety of therapeutic and transformational services.

Family Preservation Services, DFCS

(Aug 2014-June 2016)

I worked with children and families, who were in crisis, to help them identity barriers and establish stability. Parents and children want to have structure and be successful. I helped them identify “blind spots” to making progress, set goals, and apply tools to help them reach their desired outcome.