(Define Your DNA Coaching Academy)

Our History

Do you experience a loss of self and identity, as well as low-self worth? Are you exhausted from people-pleasing behavior? Do you need support with implementing healthy boundaries? Do you want to keep your “cup” full and live a purpose-driven life??

I answered yes to all of these questions. I felt depleted. I defined myself and my self-worth solely by what I could provide to others. This may sound admirable at first, however, I didn’t recognize that my self-worth was tied to mankind’s commendation. I was a people-pleaser, exhausted, and felt a lack of satisfaction.

I made my comfortability in my skin and my being authentic, someone else’s responsibility, aside from my own. This had to change, and it did when I completely surrendered to God and my purpose! God has given me a burden and passion for women, focused on building and deepening their relationship with God! I developed a program, that integrates spiritual and personal growth. I strongly believe and constantly say, “Your personal growth, can not outgrow your spiritual growth!” Get your relationship with God in order, and everything else will follow!

I help women who struggle with people-pleasing behavior, struggle a loss of identity due to wearing multiple hats, and who struggle with low self-worth, by teaching them how to understand their worth through God’s measure and their purpose, so they can have freedom, healthy boundaries,  be boldly authentic, live in peace,  and have increased harmony in their relationships!

In the Define your DNA Life coaching program, you will learn how to “DIVE into the DIVINE”, NEUTRALIZE negative and limiting beliefs, and ACTIVATE your God-given purpose! Are you ready to say yes to what God has in store for you?

Schedule time with me today, and we can determine if this will be a good match for you!

“Miriam listened to me and helped me process and navigate through my feelings. She taught me that everything starts in the mind. Once we get our mindset right, we are limitless. I recommend her and her approach to everyone that contacts me about my journey and will continue to do so.”

-L Thompson