How to know if you have ungodly Soul Ties

Ways to know if you have Ungodly soul ties:                  

  • You haven’t gotten over an ex
  • Fixation of an individual that you’re no longer connected to.  
  • Inappropriate thoughts or imagery about someone you’re no longer connected to. 
  • Past sexual encounters or conversations with individuals in the past
  • Sexual trauma
  • Co-dependent relationships (including with parents or friends)
  • Maintaining items from an ex

(if any of these apply, sever those ties today with the prayer at the end)  

What Soul ties are you bringing into your marriage or future marriage? The concept of soul ties or the word is not specifically stated in scripture; however, the scripture does talk about souls being knitted together.

 An example of a healthy Soul tie was between two friends in the bible, Jonathan and David. The scripture says in 1 Samuel 18:1 that it came to pass when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

An example of an unhealthy attachment or soul tie is between Jacob and Benjamin. 

The scripture says in  Genesis 44:30, “so now the boy is not with us. When I go back to my father,  whose life is so closely bound up in the boy’s life, as soon as he sees that the boy is not with us, he will die, and your servants will bring down the gray hairs of your servant Our Father with sorrow to Sheol.” 

 This verse is talking about when the brothers of Joseph had come to Joseph’s location for food (during the famine) but they did not recognize him as their brother. (Remember, they had sold him into slavery due to jealousy and envy). It had been years since they’d seen each other. Joseph was giving them orders but had not disclosed his real identity. Jacob, Joseph’s father did not know Joseph was alive as the brothers faked Joseph’s death. As a result of that, Jacob developed an unhealthy attachment to Benjamin, who was Joseph’s biological brother and the last son of his deceased wife Rachel. 

Therefore if Jacob was protective before, he was even more protective to the point of dependency, that if anything happened to Benjamin, the brother genuinely thought that their dad would die. 

Surely Jacob went through a lot as his sons put him through a lot. Grieving is natural. However, in his grieving process, He ended up keeping one child extremely close, probably to the point of dictating Benjamin’s every move and controlling his life. That is unhealthy.

Some of us may have unhealthy soul ties with our parents, where we are unsure how to distinguish between honor and obedience as adults and question our own ability to make decisions and follow the voice of God because the voice of our parents is so Amplified in our heads. This can be the case, no matter how old you become, if you were constantly criticized and are co-dependent with that parent or authoritative figure. Perhaps this is an issue in your marriage, where the two of you have not cleaved to each other due to an unhealthy relationship with the parents. The intention may have been good where you were seeking counsel but it turned into critical attacks towards your spouse from that parent. 

 Some of us have unhealthy soul ties with friends, where we may prioritize the friendship and the needs of that friend over our own needs, and there’s a lack of reciprocity, but you’ve become loyal to a fault. That’s unhealthy.

 Some of us may have unhealthy soul ties with exes. That even though you’re no longer in that relationship, you’re thinking of them in an unhealthy way. Perhaps you’ve had sexual encounters when you were in that relationship. This can develop a soul tie. Other red flags can be: you are dragged on by your past. You are thinking or obsessing about that ex, missing that ex,  you are checking those ex’s social media accounts, and whatever else. This is unhealthy and will not produce a healthy attachment in your marriage or future marriage.

 The ungodly soul ties then need to be severed and broken! It’s time to remove the hooks that can be dragging you and keeping you from where God wants you to be in your marriage, future marriage,  or any place for that matter. 

 The good news is that God is in the business of restoring your soul. You can begin by removing items that you received from an ex or anyone you’ve had an unhealthy relationship with. Ask God to reveal this to you. Ex: Pictures, jewelry, clothes, etc. 

You can say this prayer:

I renounce any ungodly soul ties that I have with anyone in the past, including past friendships, exes, and authority figures (leadership or parents).  I Repent of idolizing any relationship and placing any relationship on a pedestal where you actually belong, Lord. I forgive anyone that has hurt me, and I forgive myself for having hurt anyone. Lord, I ask you to sever any ungodly tie or attachment that I have with anyone that has resulted in my fixation of them or idolization of them. Please severe any ungodly soul tie that Has resulted in me being manipulated or manipulating others. Please severe any soul ties that have led to the fear of abandonment or the fear of rejection. Please severe any ungodly tie that is unknown and bring to remembrance anything else that I need to repent of and renounce in Jesus’ name, amen.

Congratulations, the soul tie is severed. Your healing journey is a process, and this is just the beginning. Feel free to reach out here if you need support in the form of coaching.

“Either you’ve accepted somebody else’s Identity, or you know who you are in Christ.”  It’s time for you to know who you are in Christ now that the hooks have been removed! 

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Coach M

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