Can I Change?

Sis, this isn’t just another blog. The Most googled question of 2022, was “Can I change?” The answer is yes, AND you know when you’re ready to change.

I was born in Atlanta, Ga! I grew up with a single mother, who worked hard to care for us, however, there were constant financial difficulties. Additionally, I experienced sexual trauma and bullying and developed negative beliefs about myself.

I constantly sought the approval of others and experienced anxiety in group settings and with speaking in public.

I battled negative thoughts daily and had imposter syndrome. After having my first child, as a single mother I realized the cycle was repeating. I finally said enough is enough and made up my mind that I was ready for change. I developed my relationship with God and got the help I needed.

I am now a 3x bestselling author. I am a therapist and a coach with 2 businesses and multiple streams of income. My change in perspective, shifted pain into my purpose, which has been profitable and impactful. Now I speak on multiple public platforms, about winning the battle of the mind!

I help women Master their Mindsets, and Walk in Power and Purpose by truly understanding the DNA they carry! The results and their testimonies speak for themselves. The truth is that you’re not meant to hide. It’s time to break out of those generational cycles of negative beliefs and poverty, as you ARE THE GENERATIONAL BREAKER for your family and community.

We’re all connected and I realized that “Delaying my YES” in changing and answering the call, would also be “Delaying somebody’s destiny.” Remaining in the cycle not only affects you, but affects your family, children, community, and everyone you’re meant to help. You see the real tragedy isn’t failure, it’s knowing deep down that you’re meant to make an impact and never answering the call. Somebody type NO MORE EXCUSES OR DELAYs in the comments!

Changing requires intention and best happens with support and accountability. If the same connections that you’ve had for years are in a similar cycle, it’s definitely worth connecting to where you want to go. The most efficient way there is to connect with someone that’s where you want to go. I’d recommend booking a complimentary discovery call with me!

Unsure but do you still want to take action? You can even begin by checking out the Unleash your Power and Purpose Webinar, or just grab your FREE Transformation Affirmations as a way of me appreciating you for reading this post. I use these affirmations DAILY becasue what you say and think about, is what you become. Visit the Webinar tab to claim it!

You were made to stand out and make an impact with your God-given gifts. Take Action Today. Define your DNA. Dive into God. Neutralize negative beliefs. Activate Power and Purpose. Your Past, is your Push, for your Purpose!

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Coach M

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